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I uphold self happiness. Simply means don't be annoyed because of people.
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Mediterranean Thoughts

It's Saturday morning, no hangover, just a ravishing rush of thoughts. Perplexed by the sudden mood swing, I reluctantly got a cuppa to keep mind and body in unison and ease up the thought that I was running out of time to get things done even though I’m still in my early twenties.

This cloud of thoughts walked me down to my terrace, where I caught an adorable view of a duck close to the Mediterranean sea, having a swell time dipping, cruising and cavorting in the ripples of the tepid water, then a part of me became jealous and wished to be a duck, with no pressure whatsoever, just enjoying nature and the pleasures it offers no matter how mundane, what an amazing life that’d be. And then I thought again, maybe it’ll be banal, and sooner or later I’d be tuckered out.

In us lies a purpose, a dream and a solution to the world’s problems. We are unique and worth every bit of clay that was used in designing the awesomeness we are.

Just like the ripples to the duck, our challenges make our stories more interesting, the setbacks gives a better insight on how to manage situations, just stay positive and press towards the goal.

You don't need any further encouragement, so as I drop my cuppa and my pen, always remember that the better, dashing and successful version of you should be your biggest motivation. You can do it, you will do it and I look forward to the day you'd say to yourself, I did it.

PS: Thanks Bob-Manuel for the edit.

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