Onyeka Daniel
I uphold self happiness. Simply means don't be annoyed because of people.
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#LoveIsNot Photogenic

And there I stood,

Dressed in my newly purchased black leather Versace shirt, Matched with a blue john-deacon jean trouser, complemented by an high-top I borrowed from a good friend of mine.

All set to storm Chioma's university.

So happy to finally meet her in person

I met her online. On a friend's DP to be precise, while surfing my feed on one of my regular boring days

Astonished by her beauty, I couldn't help but request for her contact without hesitation

"Hello mi-lady" were my first words to my so fallen angel.

Intrigued by my felicitation she replied faster than I expected

She actually jettisoned all my attempts on her initially, until I prevailed based on some little jokes, conversations(R-18) and consistency.

We became friends ,had some late night conversations, definitely waking up to each others messages.

I didn't want this to end at a 'just friends' level. So I set up a date.

I finally arrived the school gate,

the sun was terribly hot and my leather Versace shirt was on fire,

I took to shade and described my position to her.

And there she was, glowing just like the sun, in her blue rugged jeans and her red top.

She was glowing from afar. But then she got closer and closer and then she was standing next to me.

I had to confirm, I confirmed again and again, she was, I was, we were, menh!!!

Immediately after the first sight in reality, I messaged my friend I had collected her number from and told him " Brother, God will Judge you!!!

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