David okpo
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You and me (together) XOX

Don't look twice
Unless you will be hypnotized
My words will penetrate your pleasure palace
My thoughts will drive you wild
I will make you addicted to me
I will be your dopamine
For I am lust itself

I don't want your body
We all have bodies
I want to invade your mind
Know your fears
Feel your pain
I want to know your secrets
I want to be closer to you than your very own skin
Share your problems with me
Tell me what your thinking
believe in love but I believe in trust
I believe in intimacy
I believe in you

I want to wake up to see my phone filled with your daily pictures
I want to see you smile
I want to listen to your playlist

Your my flower in a dessert
Your my rainbow after the rain
Your my sun in the day
At the same time your my stars in the night
The  light that gives me sight
Yet I am blinded by your beauty

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