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‘Great’ful - MMXIX

I’ve got professional examinations to prepare for so I’ll make this brief. 😉

2019 was a blur! oh damn I might have said that about last year 😬 well, this one was really blurry mainly because I started the year as a fresh ex-Corper. For those who don’t know what that implies, it means being faced with the biggest uncertainty of your life. “What now?” Was the thought that woke me up every faithful morning.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before one of the numerous companies I applied to came through - but not like bangdadadang unfortunately 😑 - it was an internship. Me, internship, with my first class, valedictorian for that matter, tufiyakwa. The motivational speakers said to know your value so I chose to aspire to require what I truly desire hence, I turned it down… at first.

After owu (Poverty) blow me small, I eventuarry took the internship to just “hold body” while I waited on my Alma Mater to call me up for a Lecturing gig, 11months later and I am forever grateful I took that internship, learning a lesson that “sometimes, huge gifts come in small packages”. I’ve been on the rollercoaster of that singular decision till date. Oh well, it isn’t really a rollercoaster since there were lots of bumps, stops, exams 😂, tricky decisions etcetera. the full gist of the genesis of my banking career would probably be posted someday with the hope that it inspires someone ‘cos whenever I think of it, it does inspire me.

2019 was a great year, one that I am indeed grateful for (hence the title) It felt like a dream, (even if this phrase has been overused). Many major events took place this year and I’m grateful for them all! I transitioned from being a Corper to ex-Corper, from young man to Adult, from bros abeg find me small thing to Salary earner, from intern to full staff, from Microbiologist to Banker – a Treasury dealer at that. (I’m so proud of myself)

For the record, I’m not only grateful for the transitions, I’m also grateful for the rejections, the people I met, the losses I took, the decisions I made, the life puzzles I solved and the opportunities I was given. They all contributed to making the year great.

2020 ushers in a new decade, one that will lead me to my thirties. I can already hear the drums of victory from the many wins of year ahead (the drums I hear are actually from a neighbouring church preparing for crossover service but that felt like a very professional thing to say 🌚 ). As usual, no resolutions, I’ll only try to focus on my goals as well as continue to believe God and do my best in my numerous endeavours. I hope you do too.

Cheers to real success in 2020!🥂

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