Diary of a emiotionally distant nerd with a crappy and mostly depressing love life.
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Dear February, Not Yet!

She hasn't replied my DM! ...yet.
I shot my shot but I guess, I misfired,
Now my mind is filled with regrets.
Maybe I need to rephrase or perhaps, expatiate.
Maybe she understands but can't relate 🤷

For weeks she gave me 'green light'
Well, I still get lights but now it's blue and it says 'Online'
...with no replies. 😩

And I already ordered red candles and flowers,
I'm trying so hard not to spend 14th like I spent the others, actually, I 'wasted' others.
From the look of things, this February would be no different except for the fact that this year, I've wasted 'orders' 🤕

Feb Feb,
Slow down a little, dear.
I'm not rushing anywhere.
Maybe she'd reply, I'm sure she read.

For Old Times' Sake. 🙏

Your Favorite Loner,


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