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Ideas Rule The World

... I'm sitting on a park bench
in a city I dunno
trying to convince myself that I'm not all alone.

- "Only God Knows" by Mike Posner

We used to have a "tree of inspiration"
By 'we' I mean I and one of the smartest dudes I met in BIU - Etin. (take that as your birthday complement)
Each time we ran out of ideas or got stuck in our minds we would walk down to this old tree for inspiration. (How desperate of us).

Well, Yesterday Something took me to a city I dunno (Unilag)
And that something involved delivering letters to 90% of the Faculties on behalf of my Alma Mata.

During my tour I came across this park. (Prof. Adetokumbo's park)
Tired as I was I decided to chill there.
And there I was;
2 hours and counting.
Then I realized I was doing more than just 'chill'.

The park is filled with trees of different kinds shielding me from the wrath of the sun.
The wind that came through from these trees sang inspiration into my head.
I almost forgot why I was there
Even lost track of time.
Ideas kept flowing through my head like it was replaced with Einstein's.
And as they came, I did my pocket jotter the honours.

I've missed this feeling
Truthfully, I've not felt this way since BIU fell my tree of inspiration.

I dunno where I'm going with this though.
Maybe I should have written this while I was still at the park.

Perhaps the conclusion here should be that finding your point of inspiration could be the birth of creative, ground breaking, earth shifting, recession eliminating ideas.

Your point of inspiration could be a tree, a park or the toilet seat 🚽. What ever it is, get the best of it because "Ideas rule the world"; So you need a whole lot.

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