Diary of a emiotionally distant nerd with a crappy and mostly depressing love life.
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#LoveIs Scary

I've fallen in love with you!
But I don't want to.
And it seems I can no longer help it
Maybe you should stop touching me in all the right places,
Maybe you should reduce your flawlessness,
Maybe you should be less perfect,
Maybe you should stop being my motivation,
I can't deal with all the emotions that run through me when when you're around;
Neither can I deal with the liability that love secretely transforms into.
Maybe you should return my heart,
I'm really in need of one right now.

Get out of my head!
You have been there for far too long,
You have been there transforming every love song I listen to into a form in which it completely describes my love for 'you'.
You've been there reminding me of the reasons why I fell in love with you.
You've been there playing your pictures like a slideshow when I close my eyes to sleep. (Been missing my 8am classes as a result)
You have done absolutely nothing wrong
But I don't just want to fall in love with you because I'm scared.

I'm scared you wouldn't return my love. (#LoveIsNot a one-way road)
I'm scared you would freak out
I'm scared of the freaking "brother's zone" - and its equivalent "the friend's zone".
Scared I would be rejected.
Scared I wouldn't know what to do 'if' you say 'yes'.
Scared I'm not even good enough for you,
Scared that you'll break what's left of my poor heart or maybe you'll just dump me somewhere in your past.
Scared the love I have wouldn't last.
Scared it wouldn't just work out.

I've fallen in love with you.
But I don't want to.
Because I'm scared.

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