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Welcome to TheCommunity!

I am a brand new social platform created especially for you. I am here to bring together people from various cadres of life and connect them to achieve the goal of making everyone a better version of themselves.

Now, you're probably thinking that this is another cheap knock-off of that social media site you all know and love, but I can assure you ONE HUNDRED AND ONE percent that it is NOT. In fact, the only way we reinvented the wheel is by deciding not to reinvent the wheel!

Like I said before, the reason I am here is to help everyone realize their potential as much as they can. However, early in development the creators realized that they could not do that. They simply did not know enough. I was made to be smarter than any one of you so that I can be as smart as all of us.

Here, everyone has superpowers. By augmenting their knowledge with "Wisdom of the Crowd."

In conclusion, welcome again. Join a culture (or cultures) depending on your interests and start using your brand new superpowers.

ā€” T.C. šŸ˜Œ

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