Ose Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Home to me is the 5seconds I'm within my mother's arms
Home is the 5seconds my little cousin giggles and give me jiggles
Home is the 5seconds my sisters argue over the movie character
Home is that 5 seconds where the shower really cools my head
Home is where the sitting room couch is better than the bed
Home is where you drink water with a cup
Home is that 5seconds I make harmonies with my siblings
Home is the unsolicited laughter of genuineness
Home is the that last 5 seconds I see mama's face before going to school
Home is wherever I have that sweet 5seconds sleep of peace
Home is that 5seconds in my father's house raising him high
Home is that beating,that slap, that injury, those bitter tears and 5seconds later running back to the beater's arms
Home is that place where you can sometimes hear very audibly the tick of every tock
Home is where I get free food and not appreciate it
Home is where I isolate myself until I am ready to be exposed again
Home is the expression on my face when I'm about to shut you down.
Home is where the gloom, the bloom and the thickest darkness reside
Home is where I'm alive again,
Home is where you find me

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