Ose Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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A little while ago I was on the bathroom floor.. Lying bare with a lighter and a box
A little while ago I was far away from this city.. Escaping from this noisy town.
A little while ago as I lit the cigarette. I laid there and watch it burn.
Where water reigns I let the flame thrive.just a little while ago

I raised my eyes.theres the towel not so far from my reach and I opened my ears and the faint sound of my favorite song comes on..the louder it gets, Nothing left,not the death nor it's depression.something came though..Madness.unruly and ignorant madness came in to ruin the sacred sadness.Madness got me up and made it rain. Ignoring me and washing off the my beloved cigarette.

Just a little while ago I cherished your cheerful odour and your elegant smoke.
In only a little while ago you hid me in the background and I felt safe
Barely a little while ago I was the good that complimented goodbye
I was in a distant state of mind where serenity dwelt..
I had comfort
I had pain
I had sincerity and safety
Madness stole it all
....just a little while ago

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