Jude Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Worship From a Confused Heart

You know they say that the holy spirit comes either by worshiping,
Or just by looking at the minister
But in my experience it's the music
With Just the sound of the minister I've worshiped.
There's no escape in this relationship..
Once you listen you're sucked in..
Deep and bound.
it takes just a sound,a little sound that sneaks to the shelter of ur heart and dwells there and prepares a room for the holy spirit
I have come to realize that I repel perfection and when I take two steps forward I take 3 steps back
It's almost like a concious effort and eagerness to want to remain Broken so you will be here to care for my brokenness.and tend to my confused heart
Robbing my self my entitlement to eliteness and choosing the land of the unrighteous to dwell..is this a faze or a lifestyle?
You have won this battle
Not for your strength or number
But because you used the right weapon to trigger my weakness
You have refused to kill me.but u keep me alive to reveal my vunerability so I will be a shallow in my faults constantly suffering.. Making my soul seek death or eternal redemption..

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