Jude Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Sex Steals Soul.

Do you recall that skinny boy wearing his tatard shorts with his projected ribs playing with an empty can drink as football with his friends?
I don't think daddy in that moment saw envisioned his boy years later playing with girls like that empty can drink with his friends.
Beard guang, 12 abs , fine face ,SBA you've grown into.
Maybe he never just considered it ,maybe he taught thinking about it wouldn't make it happen.
Brother, If your dick is hard ignore it don't harden your heart for your conscience exits for a reason.
If you want to touch her so badly get a cheese burger eat is so deliciously try a little chicken too don't eat a living creature and consume nothing but complications instead.
If you want to get lost in her beasts find your senses and pray "the Lord's prayer" 10 times you'll get bored and forget.
Don't put so much chaos in your way for some mintues of pleasure

Do you remember that little girl shaking under the cold water slashing unto her rough smooth skin in the middle of the street?
Did mommy ever think that in only a few years later she'd be shivering over a man's dick and not hope for a child?
If you want pleasure? lick ice-cream no sperm,
you want mystery? kill somebody and rid the body it'll help your self-esteem don't kill yourself,
you want to forget your pain? swim and try to drown urself.. trust yourself you will be out in a few with a well neated hangover
If you want sensation go get a headphone and be soaked in some good music.
You want to be wet? dance under the rain.
Love that someone purely and discover something magical without sex.
My critics will say why restrain yourself when being bad feel so good?
And giving in feels so natural.
We have been created with the will to make and have choices..
Forget about mommy, daddy and even the Bible you're not that little kid anymore
but don't you see that this particularly choice you make steals your Will and takes control over you?
You can only lie to yourself for so long. Can you not testify that Its a fire that doesn't burn out once it's ignited?
Do you not realize you can no longer say no?
Where the fuck is your Independence now?
Hahahahhahahahha I see you it controls your mind now huh and tells you when to think of it and how and why ..It gives you a million justifications to accept how right and good it makes you feel.
But the truth comes when you cum. You been fooled but it's too late now ..
That's why you trick the younger ones to believe there's life where you know death dwells.
Death doesn't mean the ending of your breathing.Its the end of your Will..that utter emptiness and uselessness you feel thats why people commit sucide so easily because they've died the death that is more grievous than that of the loss of air.
All you rapists out there.Congratulations your craft has been justified,advanced and eligible to be studied by children.
Well one little advice try not to have his or her dignity by force. If you coherce or trick them the world wouldn't be so cruel to you.
If you wish to rape someone do it with so much 'love' at least.
We live in a world where sin doesn't exist but pain does.
And love is the pie that raps the meat of sex.
If you can't stop the sin be wise enough to end the pain!!!

Well what do I know? I've been a hypocrite since day one.But for today this is my perception.

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