Jude Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Wreck Retribution

Suddenly I'm beginning to question my life's choices
As tears travels away from my searching eyes
My heart battles with my foolish and poor actions
Wishing I could unbreak the pieces of my shattered mind
Time has taught me that pain is the most loyal companion
Peace and Love has lied to me once again

In the darkness of my own doing
I trapped the knife deep inside my chest
I cry inside the walls of my shadow shell
Abiding in the passive nature of smashing my morals
Night and night again the serpent crawls and lays at thy bed side
Harmlessly resting with it's venom

My heart is so weak yet my will is so strong
After disposing the serpent it's distress troubles my heart
My will is to save my killer has become stronger than the heart to preserve my life

If I cry for help who could truly help me
When the predator is not the serpent but me
Me who permits myself to be a prey for an unfortunate serpent.

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