Jude Casely
My work is simply my Identity.Its exposes who I am.How I perceive things, like how I decided to change the word from "think" to "perceive things".And how I like to express myself to the satisfaction of my audience like how I had to further explained. I am priceless..Gravely invaluable. Very Narcissistic by the way, very pretencious, very whole yet very broken, very understanding yet confused, very selfish yet needy, very true yet a liar..get to know me.who I am is what you read....Or is it?
Mar 24
Sour Truth

Sometimes I refuse the word and even ignore it.
Maybe because it's the way it's delivered
I like someone who can be romantic with the gospel
Someone who can be pompous, having that undying desire,
that untameable fire, that feeling so true.
I'd like someone who would be so intimate with him someone it's spark an eruption,
who can expose themselves and still feel so safe with him.
Someone who can make me jealous and so envious of their relationship that it'll make me want it.
You don't have to preach to me or teach me about the past.its been a disaster.
Words don't pull me .They may be true but to me it's all sour truths.
Right here right now in present
Your lifestyle and your actions
Is the only lesson I could spare a care to give.

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