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Gonno must Go

Tahh Tufiaqua I no do again.
I was hurt for the third time by the same b*tch.
This is torture
This is sucide I can't be fit.👺
Na so Uncle Richard comot bathroom this morning🙄..Could he be going crazy?🥴 Or he's just being dramatic like last year and the year before that because valentine is close and he'll have to spend money on his numberous ladyfriends.. He's very fond of always complaining louding 🗣and making a lot of noise in the compound each time he takes in his lady friends inside for personal choir rehearsal..👨‍🎤They always do sing strangely🤔..and never coordinated.Mommy says I should never go near his door when they're singing👻.. I don't know if they truly understand the sofah notes but they usually sing something like Ohh and Umm especially Ahh that note is usually on pitch and sustain..
Today when Uncle left the bathroom to his room complaining, I followed him. I was particularly curious today🧐.He banged the door and became awkwardly silently.He woke haunty who stopped singing early this morning and have been quiet since then.
Richy, you no dey do small small oo.😟
You almost wound me o..na small tin remain.😒
I heard as she finally spoke.
Hmm hmm.is that right, let me take it slow?
Take if off , Take it off..he said trying to mimick an English accent that sounded rather annoying..
Hah Richy..You be power mike oo😃..you won go another round..oya go lock door.😏 She said.
The door was bolted quicker than a blink..💡
And slowly, differently this time, Haunty began to sing. It started softly and intense as if pronounced with hauntys breath alone.
Ahh Ahh..She continued..I quickly remembered that Mommy warned never to go near Uncle Richard's house whenever he's having rehearsals.. So I got up and began to move away🚶🚶..until I heard uncle say..
Shebi you gimme Gonno?🤨
Haunty said Ahh😟..This time without any tune ..She said it like women in the market when they bargain with Mommy..
Shebi you gimme Gonno?🤨..Uncle continued and began to pant faster as if he was running out of breath.
You first stain everywhere with measis first week when I know you..😬
You carry phone delete all the girls contact wey dey my phone..🤯
Now.. Aghogho.shebi you don gimme Gonno?🤨
Ahh Ahh...😕
I dey piss they shout 4 bathroom..you go piss shout too..
Take the Gonno..👺
Ahh.. Ahhh😧
Take the Gonno👺
Ahh Ahh😧
Take the Gonno..(he voice graduated)😡
Aghogho I say take the Gonno..👺👿
Ahhh Ahhh.. 😧
Their pitch were both high and frightening.
The whole neighborhood probably heard then singing the last time before I ran away..🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽
Aghogho TAKE THE GONNOOOO!!!!!!..

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