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A peace nation with diversified cultures and more than a hundred tribes is being torn apart by tribalism.

A nation which is blessed by mineral resources which is supposed to nourish the nation has now become a tool for corruption and greed.

A once beautiful nation has now become an ugly beast of a nation rendered useless and dilapidated by corruption, war and terrorism.

A nation cursed by a continuous cycle of corrupt leaders. Leaders who would kill for power, leaders who would enrich their pockets instead of enriching the nation, leaders who would bleed the nation dry for their own gain, leaders who would pray rather than actually doing something.

A nation which is supposed to be religious and morally upright is being destroyed by this same religion. Religion which has been used as a tool for war and mass murder. Religion which has been used as a tool to embezzle and defraud the masses and enrich a certain few.

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