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A Crime Thriller

by Hymar David.

Child of God tells the story of PASTOR KACHI, 37, a Lagos based pastor who runs into trouble with the local Omo Oni Ile while building a house in Lekki. Because he’s a staunch believer in the straight and narrow gate life, he refuses to let them extort him, citing his faith. To be on the safe side, he enlists the help of his soldier friend, NDUBUISI, who deploys two soldiers to watch over the building till it is completed.

Months later, Kachi moves into the completed house with his wife, HILDA and their kids DOMINIC, 10, and SHILOH, 7. A week later, his children are kidnapped on the way from school. The family gets a call and the voice on the other end says only three words: You will pay.

Kachi suspects the Omo Oni Ile boys and sends the police and his army friends after them. But even after being raided and tortured, the Omo Oni Ile boys stick to their story: they know nothing. Meanwhile, every day, at the same time, Kachi’s phone rings and the same voice repeats the same three words: You will pay.
With time running out, Kachi is forced to look inside his skeleton-riddled cupboard. He realizes it isn’t the Omo Oni Ile boys who kidnapped his children, but FOLARIN, a deadly enemy from his dark past a ruthless hitman for the Black Axe cult in school. Folarin is on a revenge mission for an attack Kachi spearheaded that cost him the life of his younger sister. Folarin whose parting words to Kachi was: You will pay.

Kachi contacts Folarin, tries to apologize and negotiate the release of his kids and asks for a meet, Folarin gives the location while asking Kachi to come along with four other members of Kachi’s gang who were part of the attack that year. Folarin tells him to leave out the authorities or he will kill Kachi’s kids.

Kachi gathers the four people, two other men and a woman and after arming themselves, they drive to the location. In the cat and mouse game Folarin leads them into, the two other men are killed and the woman disappears. The final scenes see Kachi and Folarin standing apart, Folarin with the weapon, Kachi empty-handed.
Folarin gives him the same choice Kachi gave him years ago: Choose which kid should be killed, failure to choose would mean both kids die.

Kachi tries to distract Folarin then makes a sudden move but he’s not fast enough. His son gets shot. The two men struggle and Kachi gets the upper hand, but somehow, Folarin gets into his head, plays on his strict Christian faith, his ‘child of God’ stance and is getting Kachi to back off from killing him. Then a shot rings out and Folarin falls as the last woman emerges from the bushes.

Kachi picks the dead body of his son, takes his daughter’s hand and leads them home.

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