Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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Yeahh...I Don't Know

Write a note, fold it up, toss it to the ether. I used to be in love with you. Or at least I thought I was. Now your burning silver eyes, are nothing more than dim headlights. Your laugh sped up my heart once upon a time, but it's just back to walking now.

Stretch a hand, catch the note and rip it up. I wrote you a poem one time, named it after the colour of the sun the day we met. I thought it was atrocious, but you said you liked it. I read it to myself last night, and I think maybe you lied.

Take a breath, heave a sigh, blow the shreds into the sky. I don't know what this is. A break up poem, a goodbye note, that doesn't sound quite right. Was I going somewhere with this? No, my heart's talking in circles. I hope we meet again sometime, when I don't remember who you are.

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