Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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Take a stroll in the evening breeze, under the summer sky. Breathe along with the clouds, slow and calm. Dance for a while, feel your feet kick up the earth beneath you. You're in the ashes of a garden. The fire was quick, but it ravaged. Silent, but devastating. You can't see your toes, they've been covered up by ash. The fire burned deep.

Spell your name in the moonlit sky, see her face in the starry void. Let the wind flow by your ears. That used to be her laugh. The ashes stir up slightly, each one a flower of a different memory. The lavenders are best, because that's where she was smiling.

Gaze around at the ruined garden, so silent in the dark. The flowers might bloom again, at some point in eternity.

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