Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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My Favourite Place

My favourite place to get lost was in her eyes. Those sparkling eyes always made me forget the world around me. Sometimes they were blue, a calming sea of crystal fragments that made diamonds look like broken glass. Sometimes they were brown, deep pools of warm honey that made time stand still. I'd gaze at them at twilight and watch the sun just freeze, instead of setting slow. At night they were black to match the starless summer skies. An endless universe i longed to fall deeper and deeper into, the spell was only broken when she kissed me.

My favourite place to sleep was in her arms. Her warmth, the comfort of a hundred blankets, my protection from the world outside. Her heartbeat near my ears, the drum beat of a drowsy galaxy. And when she laughed i'd forget all about my inner sadness. The hardest part of waking up was knowing i'd have to leave her soft embrace, and face the coldness of the world outside. It never mattered though, whatever it was i faced all day, she'd still be waiting for me when night fell. She was my only haven in a world of storms.

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