Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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Dead Batteries

Reach into my mind, pull me from the depths.
It's quiet there, but I need to breathe.
I wasn't trying to slip away,
At least not yet.
Your demons can't swim if you drown them in acid.
Run around with scissors, cut myself on bad habits.
Walk around with tears behind my eyes,
They only fall when I'm staring at pages.
I wipe off the tears, replace them with ink
Journals filled with words of hope and...ha.
I fill them with lies and shutting my eyes,
I pray that my life can be good again.
I need a reason,
I need a sign
That walking this desert is worth all the strife
But all that I get, all that I hear
Tell me that I'm just wasting my time
So rocking in place, I'm biting my nails
Waiting for the bars to all drain away
Light gets to the end, the beeping will stop
There'll be a warning with no one to hear
I'll close my eyes, let out a sigh
Turn off the lights and then I can smile again.

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