Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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Her eyes run deeper than obsidian. A smooth jet black, like marble on the floor of a palace. They call to you; they beckon. They offer you the chance to lose yourself for a while, to gaze into the abyss and watch the world disappear around you. It's unsettling at first, eerie even. But soon it doesn't matter. Soon the world is gone and all you care about is finding out how deep the black goes. The longer you stare, the closer you get. Deeper and deeper the black goes. A faint speck of light bounces off her eyes. A lonely galaxy in a dark mysterious universe. You long to peer in even deeper. Its hard to remember what the world outside is even like. She kisses you, a playful laugh is what pulls you back to this reality. She smiles at you again, knowing full well you've fallen for her spell. Be careful not to stare at her too long. Her black velvet eyes are a mausoleum for your soul.

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