Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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Can i be your daydream? Keep you calm when things get hectic in the day time? When the sun's too bright and the world's too loud, can i whisper in your ear? Can i take you somewhere quiet? Help you remember how to breathe? Its easy to forget sometimes, and i know how anxious things make you. But it's fine, I've got you now.

Can i be your lullaby? The thing that helps you sleep at night? When the moon's not there and the thoughts pour in, can i sit and stroke your hair? Can i tell you bedtime stories? Help you drift out of reality? Its difficult to relax sometimes and i know how loud your mind gets. But it's fine, I'm here for you.

Can i tell you a secret? I'm usually not like this at all. I'm not a happy person, i like to keep to myself a lot. But when i look at you, i get this urge to share. I want to protect the light in those eyes that stare back at me. Maybe I'm hoping you'll share some of it with me, i don't know. But it's fine, even if you don't. Just being there is more than enough for me, and i shudder to think of what happens when you go.

It's funny, i...i never noticed how dark the world was till you showed up. Maybe i was used to it, maybe i never cared. Your smile lit up my world, and suddenly i never wanted you to leave. I'm in love with how bright everything is now. Is it possible to hug the sun? I don't know, but i'd certainly like to try.

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