Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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Dead Poets Society

I started out as a young poet
Back then my poems were bright and happy and numerous.
But I was in love, what more can I say?
I wrote poems about love,
Poems about smiles,
Poems about sunsets and...
Nothing, for a while.

I came back as a sad poet
This time my poems were slow and dim and scant.
But I was tired, what more could I do?
I wrote poems about life,
Poems about war,
Poems about sleeping and...
Continued for a while.

I woke up as a tired poet
Right now my poems are vague and varied and random.
But hey I'm sleepy, what more do you want?
I write poems about...stuff,
Poems about this,
Poems about that and...
I've been here quite a while.

Pretty soon I'll be a dead poet
And then my poems will be empty and hollow and absent.
But I'll be at rest, what more could i ask?
I'll write a poem on my grave,
A poem about death,
A poem to say goodbye...
I'll be gone for quite a while.

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