Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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As Above So Below

"As above, so below."

I speak of hell, of course

But i am not a demon

Nor am i a fallen angel

I am a watcher, a witness

Sent to observe the flow of mankind

Sometimes to guide, at times to chide

"Ensure you abstain from the sin of pride!"

Or don't, its not my job to care

As above so below, yes

Your sins up here lay your beds down there

Some are homeless some are kings

I speak of hell again, of course

The bringer of light is dying to meet you

You'll have to die to meet him

But I'd rather it didn't come to that

My father has other plans for your soul

Eternity started forever ago

And forever more shall it go

Eternal beings, all of us

Here for a time and a season

Just a little rhyme without a reason

"We shall create man in our image."

Yes fine but what shall we have them do?

"Whatever they want."

And so it is but remember this

Eternity is long but longer still

For those not in the embrace of the King

Your time is brief but once more I'll say

As above so below. Have fun!

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