Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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Living with depression is like trudging through a desert. Its dry, its empty, you’re tired and alone. People tell you it gets better, and sometimes you believe it because you need the hope to keep you going. But that’s all you’re doing. Just going. No destination or end point, because this desert is endless. And some will say it’s been overcome but all they did was find an oasis. You can avoid the oasis or stay there as long as you want.

Okay, scratch that. The oasis is a mirage, and it will fade before you know it. Then you’re right back where you started, in this desert called depression. Oh but you are not alone, no. We’re all here too, so its fine. We’ll be fine as long as we’re together. If we focus on each other, this infinite eternity becomes a temporary forever, and we’ll build sand castles till its over.

You are not alone.

Please don’t forget that.

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