Candy Baron
I want to exist only at night, when everything is calm.
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Shawn & Nikki's Endless Midnight (excerpt #1)

“Bless you,” i smiled softly as i brushed my hair away from my face.
“Thank you.” Shawn sniffled and readjusted himself on the bed to face me. “Anything you wanna do today?” he asked. “I mean i know the weather’s kind of gloomy, but we could maybe go to a pancake house or something for some coffee.”

“Nah,” I drawled. “Let’s just stay here a little while longer.”
“Well alright then,” he said as he laid his head back in my lap. “The pancake house is a bit of a walk form here anyway. We can just—” he let out a yawn followed by a sigh. “Stay in bed all day, that’s fine too.” I picked at random strands of his hair and yawned as well. We’d only been awake about three hours, but I guess sleeping like a rock for twelve hours means nothing when you’re on a king size bed in a hotel with your boyfriend.

I glanced down at Shawn; he was totally focused on his phone, playing online chess. I sighed. At that moment, it felt nice to just…exist. With Shawn there was no pressure for conversation, and we could just enjoy the fact that our beating hearts were close together, and that we were totally safe from the rest of the world. This was a side of reality I didn’t particularly mind.

Shawn looked up at me. “What’s up, Nikki?” he asked, noticing my smile. I brought my face closer to him and shook my head. “Nothing,” I sang as I kissed him. “Just a little crazy about you.”

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