Milton Tutu
Milton Tutu
Certified Life Coach and founder of A Youth with Purpose
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The barbers shop

Two weeks ago I went to cut my hair at the barbers shop and as always, before I cut my hair I usually tell my hairdresser not to touch my side beards.

I am grooming my little ones ๐Ÿ˜. Beard gang I am coming for you ๐Ÿ˜Ž

That's by the way.

While I told him not to touch my side beards he quickly showed me a hair growth cream he was selling that I can apply to accelerate the growth process.

As much as I was tempted to take the cream I had to reject it cause I don't like applying foreign bodies on my face apart from my body cream.

Besides I love the process I am going through to see my beards grow. It's just like seeing your kid grow up.

I kindly rejected his offer and we got talking about something else.

While he was cutting my hair I took a close look at his face. He has no facial hair. Not even a mustache.

It was just like someone that wrote a book on how people can make money but he's looking for money to publish the book.

What an irony.

I didn't hesitate to ask him the obvious.

"Bro, you want to sell a cream that will fasten the growth rate of my beards when you don't have even a mustache?"

He laughed the question away but it got me disappointed.

And that's what you need to take note of.

The best way to increase your brand credibility and influence is if you sell not just perception but RESULTS.

How can you teach someone how to grow a 6-pack tummy when your tummy is an amusement park?

Even if you succeed in convincing the person to pay you for that service you won't be able to deliver RESULTS because you yourself haven't gotten that result.

You can't lead people to a destination you haven't been to yourself.

Don't tell me to join your program and I will travel to Dubai when you haven't even been to Ghana.

Get results, document the road map and guide your audience/clients through that road map to the desired results.

It's as easy as my smile.

Try that and the rest of your Life will become the best of your Life.

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