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Can everyone sing?

One of the most popular questions being asked by people is can everyone sing or can you learn how to sing?
Well the answer is yes, you can.
Every talent is acquirable.
So how do you learn to sing?
All you have to do is find your voice, find your vocals, know where you can reach with ease and where you'll have to strain before getting there.
After that try to balance yourself on that scale. One of the errors people make when singing is that they try to copy the singer,they try to do it exactly the way the singer does it. Well, that is wrong. You cannot compare yourself with the singer. They are on a different level than you so don't copy them or else it will lead to singing errors.
The next step is your singing posture.
Your posture while singing determines how air flows in and out of your body.
Finally learn to work out and by working out I mean train your voice.
You can't achieve it if you don't work for it.
I know that if you follow these steps, you will be on your way to being a great singer.
You can also leave your comments on this topic and if you have tried the steps tell me how it worked for you.
You must always continue with the steps given because like the saying"Rome was not built in a day",you can't achieve the result in one day so be consistent.
Thank you for your time. And please follow.

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