Izzie Harriet Igbinedion
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Getting Izzie-r😉

So, basically for most of my secondary school days, I felt I wasn't enough. Everyone else had cliques and I always felt sidelined. You could say I had an inferiority complex. Even my teachers noticed it. I remember my form teacher would leave comments like "she needs to socialize" or "she's too reserved" on my result booklets.

Thinking about it now, I wish I had the opportunity to talk to myself then. I really see no reason I was like that. I mean, I was intelligent, beautiful, had everything I wanted (you know, because I'm God's favourite 😊).

 This feeling actually accompanied me to the university. Initially, I couldn't walk without looking at the ground!! It was that bad.
I really don't know what changed me. Perhaps I just grew to love myself, realised my flaws only made me human and that God has really deposited a lot in me. I'm gradually coming out of my shell. I'm glad I won't graduate the same way I came. I mean, who would've thought Izzie would be writing this 😏

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