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Love is... Never too far

She stared out the window and watched two lovers stroll across the dusty path, with smiles plastered on both their faces. Tiny lines of salty tears rushed down to her lips tasting like brokenness. Yes, she loves someone so desperately, so immense she thought she was crazy but that someone...That someone will never give his heart to her. She remembered that walk in the park, when she laughed at his joke, smiled in to his face and told him "I love you" she remembered the look on his face, his pained expression as he shook his head and said " No, Grace". " Why?" she asked, her voice breaking as well as her heart. Gazing at his feet, he apologised " I should never have done things to let you feel that way for me" . Now he lifted his gaze to meet hers with his face breaking into a solemn expression. " I love someone else, Grace". It was those words she heard now bleeding in her head. A part of her now paralysed in the ICU. The whole of her defended by four cornered walls...And a little note just by her feet.

Hello Grace, I understand your desire to have love, and to be lpved. Everyone in this world deserves love, Grace but you won't find it where you're looking. Try turning right and look at me. Me, the definition of true love. Grace, I have given you the greatest love letter but I doubt you ever read it. Don't you remember, the letter I paid for in blood for it to get posted to you? I would still bleed for you to get it Grace, if that is the only way to reach you. I would let nails crush my veins just to hold you in my arms. Oh I wish you would see the things I wrote about you just after the Psalms/songs in chapter 31. I need you to look into my letter, look at me and let me guide you and complete you, Grace. For you are far more precious than rubies, diamonds and precious gem stones. Will you read my letter? I placed it on your bedside and with the recent technology I installed on your phone too. I love you Grace, more than he would ever love you.
        - My note to you;
      Yours forever,
     The Son that shines brightest
 P.s; Respondez s'il vous plait, Mi Amour?


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