Male's Secrets

Male's secret

2019 Presidential Candates

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Idoro Ogheneovie



Midnight Melancholy

When it gets dark at night it also gets dark inside my head. ...inspired by the most uninspiring things in life.

Dim Ingle

The art of singing

Learn to sing

YogaNaija "YN"

Online yoga club

The Art Spirit


Hannu Afere


The One thing you won't wear?

Hey Lovelies :) I was just curious to ask you the one thing I won't catch you wearing lol — as for me it's Rompers *laughing out loud* I heard they now have Rompers for guys 😂 for those of you who are wondering what rompers are? A romper suit, or just romper, is a one-piece combination of shorts and a shirt.

Virgil designs

Graphic design

the "Hold-up"

Fictional Web Series by Teke'Opuyé™ about the scandals that unveil as two families are stuck in a hold up on Airport Road, Benin City. Catch up with New Episodes: every Friday at Midnight

Relatively Speaking

Collective wisdom for tackling relationships with family, friends, spouses, strangers and God.

Something Epic

Is coming through here.

For My City

A collection of my ramblings about My City, Benin City.

Light church international


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Dear February💕

A Collection of Our Thoughts and Experiences with Love.

The Book Club

Hello, Welcome to The Book Club Group. We're Africa's foremost online Book club with a global reach, encouraging rehading, writing, and literary discussions among other intellectual exercises.

return "Up NEPA";

This is the journal of a Nigerian software developer. I am chronicling my journey, so that when I become the "Linus Torvald of Africa" writing my biography will be easier.

The Candy Baron Scribbles

Poetry, random write-ups, maybe an occasional excerpt or two.



A Collection Of My Thoughts, some random ramblings and weird ideas but all worth a read. Here are some of my latest posts.


The official page of NACOSS BIU 2016/2017


Le dîner royalé [the royal dinner] The 2016 annual basic science dinner and award night for the microbiology, biochemistry and physics students of BIU is set to hold on the 27th of November at PRESTIGE HOTEL EVENTS CENTRE by 5:00pm.

BIU radio

Listen To The Sound Of Change

Bini Culture and Tradition

The Hustle Continues

The Hustle (the streets) is real. Many began the hustle but failed to continue. The only way to survive and succeed in the streets is to abide by its rules. Learn these rules From the King Himself. -KingBob♚


THC is an establishment that evaluate existing computer systems and use complex problem-solving skills, including both inductive and deductive reasoning, to make modifications that will increase the functions of the computer. Based on careful calculations and advanced knowledge of electronics to improve models.

Chronicles Of CSS Mbiri

I attended Command Secondary School, Mbiri. It was a life-changing experience in good, bad and ugly ways. I'll share these experiences with you. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

YOUniBiz PROclass

An online classroom to teach university student in business on how to run a profitable business on campus; We Teach on how to DISCOVER , START and MAINTAIN campus businesses on campus and give the student enterpreneurs an edge of experience for the future labour market Contact Us: +2348125882157

logo design for beginners

Learn how to make an awesome, simple, minimalist logo with the tools/softwares you can lay your hands on, trust me, you dont need photoshop to get that awesome design, just your idea, light and a pc that's connected to the net.

The Acoustic Reviews

Music is one of the most subjective things you can come across. Being able to connect with anyone in any form. So here we have The Acoustic Reviews, providing a little more subjective analysis, cos... Why not?


A Software Company.

Machine Learning

General Thoughts on Machine Learning.

BIU Bini Culture


P r o f e s s i o n a l m e d i a t e a m.

Etin Blogs

A Memoir of the Things That Struck Me™.


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Magic Media

We Breed Creativity

The Team

Beauty is in the process of becoming

Photography and Us

Sharing ideas and understanding the beauty of capturing great moments. A picture is worth a thousand words. Let's go beyond our imagination.

Motion graphics for geeks

live your dreams now.

Programming Enthusiasts

Discussing the spirit of technology.