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Welcome 2 YOUniBiz Proclass!

You are officially a YOUniBizionaire(a millionaire in the University)

I am glad you are here...
Aren't You?

This is a platform and community to teach university students in Business on how to DISCOVER | START UP | MAINTAIN their campus business.....


• Time2Start on YOUniBiz Mondays
(This is a monday class to motivate you on how to discover | start up | maintain your campus biz,you get to learn great insights about your biz)

•Character Workshop on YOUniBiz Tuesdays(This is a tuesday class that emphasis on training you on how to develop the right character for your BUSINESS to be more profitable)

•Finance&YOU on YOUniBiz Wednesdays: (This is the wednesday class that teaches you on the finance aspect of your business)

•LEARNaVOC on YOUniBiz Thursdays (This is a Thursday Class that teaches on a vocation one can learn to get income,for those that don't know which biz to go into in school this class would guide you on vocations you can learn and start)

•BizGoodyBAG on YOUniBiz Fridays:( This is the friday session to reward and appreciate the most participating community member for the week with a Gift($omething that would benefit you),you surely won't want to miss that)

•MySellingPoint on YOUniBiz Saturdays :( This is the saturday platform where one can sell his/her product in the community, this class is more of a marketing platform)

Special Bonus:
• Biz Checkup (This is a monthly session whereby community members get engaged with experts about their business its basically a Q & A session)
NOTE: this would hold in a secret group on facebook...

More amazing Billionaire result packages coming soon.

We @YOUniBiz promise you an opportunity to be a student millionaire,its fun right here..

Belief System: we believe that you are never too young To be a millionaire or a billionaire in the University its all about how ready you are for Success and Happiness ...

Brown Mike-Ebo
Founder YOUniBiz ProClass..

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