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There is a new key to success

It's seems pretty unusual to write an article about a day when the night is still young. But the events of today are not to be withheld for a second more.

As Usual, I woke up Early with hopes to conquer the world today. Still lying on my bed, surfing the internet for feeds I missed over the night while deciding if I would go back to bed for another 5hrs (My Saturday recipe for strength regeneration) Someone knocked on my door.

"It's 6:45am for God's sake" I said to myself while I scrubbed my heavy weight feet to answer the door.

"Mr. President, the game is about to kick off!" I heard from a deep and bold voice, of course, I couldn't see properly because I was still battling with the sleep dust that accumulated overnight.

After the battle I found out it was Rex - The Financial Secretary of my departmental association.

Then, I remembered that my department (Microbiology) was set to play the well groomed and well talked about department of Computer Science. I could also remember telling the Director of sports to terminate the match so we won't end up as a laughing stock - we weren't prepared enough and had not trained recently.

"I'll be there shortly", I replied.

For the Record, I HATE FOOTBALL.

But as a President I needed to be there to encourage my team and see how well they could do.

On getting there, I heard a loud yell of GOAL! It was the second goal of the Computer Science team.

I was already foiled but still with hope. While I was still trying to tip my hat to other people who came to watch, I heard another high-pitched shout of GOAL! It was the third one and we were still at nothing.

At this point the Computer Science team was filled with pride as they are known for.

They noticed one or two players who were not part of our original team and made statements like "Even if ona go carry mercenaries from Eyimba, ona nor go still win" in strong Edo accent.

I tried explaining that they also had two external players who even scored most of their goals; But of cos no one listens to the losing side.

It was just the end of the first half.

Everyone was choleric and furious; the coach, the captain, the players, even the spectators. With a little bit of sanguineness and belief in my team, I addressed them to just get at least 2 goals. So it would seem to the world that at least we tried.

After addressing them, a friend of mine (in computer science of cos) walked up to me, took of my earpiece and whispered words of mockery that I'm too ashamed to share.

"We're still going to score even if we don't win" I said hazily.

It all started with one goal.

And then the next.

It was the 3-2 I've been begging for. All I wanted was for the scores to be maintained Cos the opposing team began to seem impermeable.

While my playlist was shuffling between Twenty One Pilot's "Car Radio" and Sia's "Titanium", I heard a scream of GOAL!

Indeed, It was our team. A third goal. More than I expected from an ill prepared team. While I was still in awe there was a foul in their 18 yard box and it was a PENALTY and as expected, we scored.

Somehow they managed to equalise.

I was filled with so much Joy I didn't even know how to express it.

This game contradicted a quote I hold so dearly which states "Preparation is the key to success"

This quote has kept me going for years. Believe me when I say that my team didn't even have the slightest bit of preparation and yet, they played impressively.

After the match. I adjusted the quote from "Preparation is the key to success" to "Preparation, Co-operation and Understanding are the keys to team success"

After extensively thinking about this, I realised it makes so much more sense this way.

After the match, the exact person who said we would lose even if we get help from Eyimba FC, came back with claims that the game was invalid because of the extra hand but then I was already on the victorious side and of course, no one listens to the losing side.

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