Diary of a emiotionally distant nerd with a crappy and mostly depressing love life.
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Beauty In A Melanated Envelope

You look familiar, yes you! -I said
Oh me? You look kinda familiar too, I guess? She replied in an unsure tone.

I lied, she didn’t look familiar. In fact, she looked far from it.

I apologize for using the “you look familiar” pick-up line – arguably the oldest trick in the book. With the countenance I beheld, I needed to fall back to the line with nearly a hundred percent success rate in order to make the most of the opportunity.

What first caught my attention was her eyes. She had the kind of eyes I’ve never seen before.

Not the sexy type; This one looked mysterious and unearthly with a dark halo around it from afar but got brighter as I came closer.

They say, the eyes are the window to the soul, from my profound gaze at hers, her soul looks like the kind I’d love to hang on to - Dark on the outside but strikingly gorgeous on the inside.

I have never seen a specimen like this before. Not just the eyes; she has the kind of make-up you’ll stare at even in a room full of art. Not unnecessarily obese and overloaded, But has a conspicuous and above-average figure. The type guys call “Perfect 8”. Barely a single pimple, blister, or scar on her skin; or even makeup to cover up those.

Tall like a fully grown Hibiscus plant.

Jawbone like that of a mannequin.

The colour and texture of her lips is like two soft “kpomos” in ”ofada” sauce. With Little or no Stomach hanging above the thin waist that usher in her killer hips and the soon to be described “back side assets”.

Ladies and gentlemen, her melanin is capable of murder – it glowed like its made with gold. Black beauty indeed.

I got so caught up with the eyes and enchanting appearance that while I stroke a conversation with her, multitasking became tedious. I stuttered at every sentence that proceeded out of my mouth. Mixing up words with others and correcting myself with other incorrect words. I couldn’t help but confess “You are beautiful”.

She smiled. Oh yes she did; Her smile was out-of-this-world, gently exposing her flawless premolars.

But that wasn’t all;

The conversation ended, she turned to walk away but I couldn’t leave just yet. How could someone who looked so innocent have something so lethal behind? Perfectly curved, moderately large, like the greatest architect drew two perfect semi-spheres using the best of his equipment.

She walked so elegantly and seamlessly like a female stallion and the world was her runway. Every footstep she took farther away from me doubled the goosebumps on my skin as the halo around her eyes became darker.

My jaw was literally on the floor. I’ve never felt my heart function at that capacity before.

What manner of creature is this?

I suddenly became clairvoyant. Not to lustfully see through her white shorts but to see a snippet of the future (or so I thought) – my arm wrapped around her “almost absent waist” conceding hugs from her front side of which words fail me to describe. I also saw many other things that are inappropriate to share.

I don’t know if I should describe what I felt in my stomach as butterflies, fireworks or rainbow. But which ever it was, it made the whole world come to a pause while we spoke and has ever since, made her my “mental wallpaper”.

This was not a dream. I wish it was, but it wasn’t. She is the definition of Beauty in a “melanated” envelope.

After God created her, he must have yelled “Taa-daaah” out of the joy and satisfaction of a wonderful outcome.

After seeing this, I am now of the school of thought that “the beautiful ones are born and are amongst us”. And soon I'll have one to myself 😁😀

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