Diary of a emiotionally distant nerd with a crappy and mostly depressing love life.
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Ho! Ho! Ho!

I used to be a giver, I gave you all my love and what did you do? You threw it back at me like it was a volley ball.

I used to be a Lover, but you’ve broken my heart too many times, I think I need some time to recover.

I used to be a Player, but all I wanted was to be with you and you alone. Where am I now? Locked down somewhere in the dark, scary hole you call a “Friend Zone".

I used to be a Liar, but it looks like we switched roles, you lied straight to my face like I was nothing but a spring row.

I used to be a "Cheater", but now it seems you’re faster, covering up your tracks immediately after your frequent sexual disasters.

I used to be hooked in December, but now Harmattan is here and it’s so cold, all I’ve got is my puppy, Amber, to cuddle till she grows old and I get even older.

Well, what can I say?, Merry Christmas, You “Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!”.

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