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It's been God - On the wheel.

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ - Philippians 1:6 (KJV)


While I was preparing for my project defence two days back my playlist stumbled upon an old favorite. "Jesus take the wheel" by Carrie Underwood.

Sincerely, its been quite some time since I last had an official private personal prayer session with my father. (the kind that starts with "in Jesus' name" and ends with 'amen').

while the song played. I knew this was the moment. I froze like the bucket of icecream Creamtown™ sold me. Then tears began to drop from my eyes.

Of cause it wasn't her voice (only Sia's voice is that powerful)

It was the Truth.

It hit me like Mayweather

That Jesus has been on the wheel. Especially during my finals when things became really really difficult.
When life almost checkmated me.
When life showcased all its brutal faces.
When life threw soured Lemons at me
When I was supposed to break and even give up.
When I thought I wouldn't sit for my final exams.
When I thought there was no one to bail me out.
When depression was eating into my head.

He was right there on the wheel. Sailing me to a safe place. Finding a safe route through the storm.
Truthfully, since I got into BIU, I have never done anything on my own. Its been God all the way.

And at that moment I knelt down facing my Suit and outfit planned for defence holding a copy of my project work and I said these exact words like they meant the world to me.
Its been you!
Its been you Lord.
Thank you for taking me this far.
Thank you for taking the wheel
Thank you because I know you're still on the wheel and I'm sure tomorrow is a done deal. (it rhymed😰)
My project defence is a huge success already.
In Jesus Name, Amen.


8:30am yesterday marked the beginning of the end.
Woke up to a very motivating song exuding from Ezekiel's infinix. (Right said Fred - Stand up for the Champions)
What a coincidence. (Maybe not. 😒 Maybe its a sign)
At the set time, I got suited up; all dressed and set, (with help from Hamilton) confident and Bold as always.
On getting to the venue. I noticed no one was smiling. They all had their noses in their books. I tried to add some bright colours to the atmosphere (tho I was getting a little bit scared and tensed up myself) but it yielded nothing good.

Then I was to go in next.
I could no longer breathe properly
My heart beat doubled up
My chest started hurting
Twas like electricity was flowing through me.
My ass cheeks were sweaty
I was even getting pressed.
People who had gone in kept saying it was easy (with long faces😒 - suspicious right?).
Others said the man was "so nice". (of course; you're female, wearing heavy make-up and a little bit of something extra to make you look like figure 88. Who wouldn't be nice?)

I needed to be calm.
"Take the wheel Jesus" gushed out of my mouth like CO2 from a bottle of disturbed coke.
I was so tensed I couldn't even remember what the song sounded like the day before; so I fell back on some soul lifting songs by Sia (The greatest and Unstoppable).
People thought I was too relaxed (But I wasn't). "Look at him, He's even singing" they joked.
Afterwards, I became really calm
I could now remember the song from the day before. Just before going in I rounded up the "praise and worship session" with a song by Pst. Mamex "I can't do it on my own - take my hand"


I got in!
Two lecturers. One was known (Dr. Odjadjare- my lecturer), the other ...Unknown (Professor ??? a.k.a Mr. Boogie Man- The external supervisor).
With my game face on I boldly walked into the office energized by the "kroh kroh" my shoe was accompanying me with.
Before I could finish with my salutation a loud "you may sit down" came from the known face.
"BOB-MANUEL" the unknown face said with a slight Bini accent and a Yoruba-ish tribal marked face while looking at my project work.
... and that was how we started.

For the 5-7mins I spent in the office we had 3 major conversations
The first was about my name, culture, state, LGA and if I knew all the people he knows from rivers state. (Lasted 1.5 mins)
The second was about politics. I was for APC, he was for PDP and the other guy was neutral. (Lasted 5 mins)
The third was finally a question but from the most basic things about my project work. Things I would recite like a nursery rhyme in my sleep.(Lasted 1.5 mins)
And then my future. This time I was the one asking the questions (can u imagine?) of how he became a professor and how i can be one. (Lasted 1 min)
Then I popped out smiling
It felt like a dream
It was no doubt, the best defence of my life. (yet)
We both enjoyed every bit of it.
He even confessed to my HOD that he loved how I spoke with confidence and how interesting my research was.


Later that day I called my Mom screaming "Momma I made it!" like my life depended on it
the first thing she said in return was "Thank God! the storm is over" she absolutely had no idea about my "Jesus take the wheel experience".
Today, I submitted my final copy (hard back) and officially, I'm a graduate. Done and Dusted.
It's been God all through.
I came, I saw and I did what God-kings are known for "I CONQUERED!"
Thank you JESUS!
Godking Over and Out.

Written on 18-05-17.

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