Diary of a emiotionally distant nerd with a crappy and mostly depressing love life.
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#LoveIs LIFE

Here we are!

The last day of the shortest and second most anticipated month of the year (after December).

For those who went in with intentions of finding the ’one’. How’d that go, huh?

Simbi thought she was in love, deceived by mere words and now she’s come to the realization that for several years in relationship her valentine’s day has been the ‘15th’ of February. Side chick indeed.

How about the dude who always took his ‘girlfriend’ out and after having long strolls, he finally drops her at her gate. The gate of a house where her ‘boyfriend’ waits for her to come back from tutorials. For God’s sake if you’re dating a girl let her know. There is no language where ‘free dinner’ is translated as ‘I love you’

Here is a guy who has fallen in love so deep that his bone shivers and his blood freezes at the presence of the crush. You’ve ‘turned on post notifications’ He even screen grabbed her snaps so he would have something to stare at while he massages the only part of his body that needs no massage (cos it has no bones). Child of the world, kneel down lemme pray for you.

Finally, a girl! She has said to herself “Guys are messes, I can’t even find some pieces of my heart, it has been broken so many times, I can’t do guys anymore, I do girls now”. Sister repeat after me, say “Lord Jesus” “cleanse me of my sins” “I now accept you as my lord and personal savior”. Amen.

Maybe you fall into one of the above mentioned categories, Maybe not.

The point is you may have met the right one or lost the ‘one’ you thought was right or realized you’ve been wasting your time or even misunderstood and misinterpreted love BUT don’t stop loving because the moment you stop loving you start dying. #LoveIsLife

Before I forget, If you must love, Do It right…

Let her know, do it with the right sex and confirm from Google as to when the correct date for Valentine’s day is.

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