Diary of a emiotionally distant nerd with a crappy and mostly depressing love life.
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#LoveIs a Disaster - Letter from a broken heart

“An unexpected natural or man-made catastrophe of substantial extent causing significant physical damage or destruction”.
"An unforeseen event causing great loss, upset or unpleasantness of whatever kind."

I sent flowers,
Spent so much time on Phone calls,
Paid no attention in class,
Made the Love-Junction my dwelling place.

I stared you in the eye,
Saw your soul through those beautiful optical organs,
Developed goose bumps each time you mentioned my name,
Slept with a smile on my face,
Dreamed of your bewitching countenance,
Woke up with a wider smile,
I felt every cell of my body falling in love with you.

I could see the future,
Me and you against the world,
The both of us in an Island somewhere in the Caribbean.
Three gorgeous boys and an angelic daughter,
The purest love on earth.

Oh yes!
You loved me,
I loved you too,
The sex was amazing,
We were indestructible,
Madly in love,
The Perfect Match,
You were my weak point, My remedy.

Just when we were getting closer to the future,
I saw that sad look upon your face,
I know this look,
I've been dumped somewhere in this darkness before,
Been caught up in this disaster called love before,
Oh God. Why me?
Was I not designed for love,
Or maybe love was not designed for me.

Don't tell me you don't love me anymore!
No! Not now! Not atall!
But we were perfect together...

How dare you?...
How dare you look me in the eyes and say all those lies straight to my face?
How dare you call his name in your sleep - on my bed!?

How could you?...
How could you nurture feelings for someone else when my heart lies helplessly with you?
How could you take for granted those years we spent together?

And then I watched you slip.
You Slipped away with no explanation more than the "I don't love you anymore" You spat on my face on your way out - like love had no meaning to you.

Where did I go wrong?
How did I fail?
But I heard the word "forever" in your promises.
What does that even mean.

Maybe I went too far.
Made out too much perhaps.
I never saw this coming,
But you seemed comfortable.

We had love so strong.
We could have had it all.
Our love could have been an unbreakable wall.
But you threw my heart back at me.
You returned it in scars.
How do I recover from this?
If I had known Love could be this disastrous,
Maybe I wouldn't have fallen.

Nevermind i'll find someone like you. Perhaps Someone better.
Do well to send my love to your new lover.
Treat Him better

Yours Faithfully,
The Man whom you were unfaithful to.

A true life story of a friend of mine

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