Diary of a emiotionally distant nerd with a crappy and mostly depressing love life.
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#LoveIsNot a One-way Road

This seems too emotional an article to be published.
It also seems too vulnerable of me to speak them to your face.
This is the part where singing love songs come in.
But the Good Lord saved the good voices for my dear sisters.

I have several secrets to share
This on a normal month I won't even dare,
But I hope that the love that comes with February softens your heart,
And balances these words so it would last.

Pretty Lady,
I have stalked you on every arm of social media.
Stared so much at your Instagram posts
So I could replay them when my eyelids close
And yeah, I have a copy of your timetable
I do keep track of your schedule.
I know too much about you already,
BIU-ICT really needs to do something about their 'password1' situation.
I am spell-bound by your finesse,
Flabbergasted by your perfection.

Your deep-blue eyes, hair, tone, figure, complexion, dentition, composition all point to the greatness of God's creation.

I'm lost in your ocean of charm and glamour
I would kiss you till your lungs cry for help
I would make you my GodQueen
I would take my heart and replace it with yours
Carve your name behind my palm
Call your name when the night gets cold
Make you laugh no matter the cost
Hold you so close till your burdens become mine
Follow you around like the sweet smell of your cologne
I would create my whole world around you

But first, You need to return at least a quota of the love I have for you because #LoveIsNot a One-Way road.

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