Diary of a emiotionally distant nerd with a crappy and mostly depressing love life.
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#LoveIsNot talking a lot

I fell in love once.

Several 'februaries' ago.

At first, It seemed like the "God's plan" my Sunday school teacher spoke so strongly of.

Falling in love in the month of love was definitely it. 

Magical, enchanting, bewitching, pleasant and what not - that was our plan for the relationship but it didn't go beyond just a plan.

To the best of our knowledge we were in love.

Two beautiful birds about to venture into the sacred act designed for mature minds.

We smiled at each other from two ends of the class room

Made midnight calls with our parent's mobile devices

Got to the highest echelons of power (ULTIMATE) in our lucrative 2go chat platform

We talked alot!

But unfortunately for poor me and my sacrifices, I discovered we weren't in love. She didn't even like me.

#Loveisnot talking a lot.

BBM, IMO, Whatsapp, Midnight calls, Morning calls...

It goes on and on

The things we do with a strong conviction that we're in love.

The talk doesn't make the love. It only builds on the already existing bond

From an early experience I discovered that it wasn't about how much potential lovers communicate but what matters is the content and outcome of the conversation.

By outcome I mean "does it make her feel better about the relationship?" or "does it just keep her awake and make her feel important and sorted after?"

#LoveIsNot talking a lot

Bond first, Talk Later!

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