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The thing about Battles

Sometime last year during one of those father-son sitting room moments these words slipped from my father's mouth.

"We are at war!"

I could feel my heart protract and contract within 3 seconds and a sharp stroke of headache all owing to the shock from what he just uttered.

Elder Harold Bob-Manuel is one man who doesn't like wars. For the 19years of my life I've called him daddy all his principles were the usual; nothing violent.

But that day, I met a new Elder Bob.

This one realized the need for battles.

This one needed to teach his last progeny a different and an indeed relevant aspect life.

This one spat these words like they were a fresh glass of palm wine he used to rinse his mouth.

"We are at war" He started

"This world is a battlefield"

"You need to take up challenges if you must succeed"

"You can't win if you don't fight, victory can't be spelt without T.R.Y!"

"Son! If you must survive, you must fight"
he concluded making a fist, exhaling briefly and returning to the sad Latino movie that provoked the ol'man.

It crossed my mind this afternoon while I was having a convo with Tc's CEO about the fight and victories of the POTUS (ex now anyway) Barack Obama and I thought I should share my father's views on battles.

The Elder concluded with these

"The thing about battles is this... it doesn't matter how many times you've fought and lost, what matters is that YOU TRIED, YOU FOUGHT and YOU SURVIVED and you'll live to fight again"

Dear Tc user, Fight! I say.

Because only warriors turn out victorious.

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