Bob-Manuel Faithful T.
Diary of a emiotionally distant nerd with a crappy and mostly depressing love life.
May 30
The Flash

...and in that fleeting moment,

Beyond the screeching sound of my tyres against dry coal tar and the impression made afterwards;

Beyond the sudden loss of control, even with my hands gripping the wheel, and the helplessness of my feet depressing the rectangular pedal;

Beyond the flashes of brake lights in front and headlights from behind reflecting through my rear view mirrors;

Something flashed right in front of my eyes, just in the 6-7 inches separating them from the windshield.

This flash was somewhat dimmer than the other lights flashing ahead of and behind me and came with an intense, seismic quasi-electric feeling.

I squinted to get a clearer view. And there I was, there I actually was... In the flash.

The flash unveiled a picture, not unlike the pictures used in biology class to describe evolution from a quadruped ape to a two-legged Man. But this picture had different silhouette-ish illustrations of me from a crawling, baby Bob to an aged, geriatric Bob.

Quite intriguing!

I squinted even further to see more but the silhouettes started melting away like salt in a glass of water - each ripple took one silhouette away until it was all gone.

While I was still trying to fathom and in fact, acclimate to the reality or fantasy of the flash, the high-pitched shout of 'Jesus' From the passenger created a heightened sense of alertness, followed by a stronger depression on the brake pedal, a firm hold on the steering wheel, a sudden dive into the next lane, seat belts choking our necks and then a melodramatic stop after hitting down a few flower pots on the sidewalk.

"WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!?!" The passenger exclaimed as the car came to a miraculous stop after creating what felt like a low budget Fast and Furious scene; except I wasn't furious, not at all, I was dumbfounded, sweating and gasping for breath even with two AC vents facing my regret-filled face.

With my gaze fixed up front, like a man who just saw an angel, I replied, stuttering; “It was my life, it flashed right before my eyes"

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